The Pipu Project - School Sanitation and Hygiene Programme

Schools play an important role in influencing the larger society since they are in touch with a large proportion of the households through students and their parents. Thus, schools and students can play a very vital role in attaining the goals under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan/Clean India Mission, which is the flagship programme of the current government in India.
But for this there has to be a comprehensive approach to sanitation and hygiene education. Despite the stress given on sanitation by the government, many schools do not have the capacity to provide such education.
And this is where the ‘The Pipu Project’ comes in to
create awareness about proper health and hygiene through hands-on learning.
This will be done through games and activities, storyboard, role-play and simulation games(offline) and  child-to-child activities.
Various topics to be covered as a part of our curriculum will range from awareness about illnesses from unsafe sanitation practices to toilet etiquette; from menstrual health to DIY methods to purify water, make ORS, etc.