The Reshape

Problem Statement: Youth leaders in nature conservation and reforestation around the world need access to a strong support network, transparency tools, and emerging technologies so that they can receive financial, social and political support to reverse the deterioration of nature and scale their reforestation efforts.


Target Group: Youth leaders in nature conservation and restoration with an active project site that needs funding and support.


Proposed Solution: The Zurich Hub is developing a technology platform that connects youth leaders and provides them with access to emerging technologies, ecological advice and exposure that supports their field work.

  •  ## Emerging technologies: The Reshape is a web platform that provides stakeholders in conservation with data-driven maps of their project sites that leverages past satellite data and artificial intelligence to measure the health and ecological value of their restoration sites.

  • ## Ecological advice: The Reshape connects youth leaders with scientific experts in ecology and computer science through our whatsapp group that are available for advice and questions.

  • ## Exposure: The Reshape features youth leaders in nature conservation and restoration through our social media platform, podcasts, and fundraising initiatives.


Hub Activities: 

  • Needs research and scouting for suitable projects in the Shaper community

  • Start of the Reshape platform. First project signup. First MVP web portal.

  • First featured shaper project

  • Create social media presence and podcast setup [instagram, Spotify]

  • Start tree fundraiser events for signed up projects [e.g. donation-based yoga or cooking classes]

  • Integrate ETH Zurich’s forest monitoring technology ( into the Reshape platform. Release the Reshape mobile app that allows the registration of planted trees and more transparency.

  • Integrate all shaper reforestation projects to the Reshape network.1000 followers on social media. Raise funding for 1000 trees. Expand to other nature-based and non-shaper conservation projects.


Short & Long-Term Goals/Results: 

Short-Term Goals (by 2021)

  • 100+ followers on social media

  • Feature 5 more shapers that work on nature restoration

  • Onboard 20 Global Shapers’ projects into our network and whatsapp group

  • Visualize 3 projects on the web platform map

  • Host 5 fundraising events for one project through the ReShape platform each raising more than 100 tree donations (~150 USD)


Available Metrics: 

Results so far (Q2 2021)

  • Built MVP platform (

  • Featured our first shaper project in our Spotify podcast

  • 19 members of the reshape network (whatsapp group) that connects global shapers in nature conservation with advice by MIT drone researcher (technology), ETH Zurich ecologist (ecology) and a UK COP delegate (policy)

  • Hosted 4 fundraising events and raised over 1000 USD in tree donations


Collaborators: ETH Zurich, GainForest