The Shaping Cali-Baja Initiative

Problem Statement

Generally, the cities and municipalities along the US–Mexican border lack of will to support local transborder collaboration

In the era of globalization and regional development, it is to take advantage of opportunities and address social, economical, political and environmental challenges inherent in the binational regional context.

Target Group

Proposed Solution

To gain a better understanding of the situation in both sides of the border by generating dialogue between

shapers and high-level representatives, providing spaces for action and motivating change.

Hub Activities

The Shaping Cali-Baja initiative is a one-of-its-kind opportunity for Global Shapers in both sides of the

border to deep think in the main challenges and opportunities for our region, by hosting a series of

virtual meetings with high-level representatives in business, politics and community leaders

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results

1. Contact one high-level representative from each sides of the border on each of the Initiative tracks

(8 representatives in total).

2. Set a series of webinars open to shapers from both sides of the border.

3. Compile talking points and generate a report to share within our communities.

4. Set virtual meetings between our clubs to discuss further collaborations based on the talking points.

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