The Upgraded Facets of Life

In Faisalabad, the third most populous city of Pakistan, an ongoing concern among the community is having access to quality water, health and wellness services, sanitation, education, overall safety, economic opportunities, livability, housing and commuting costs, and cheaper energy. It is important to have a strong evidence based approach, especially to improve the lives of the younger segment of society. While no such effort has been made to fulfill this much-needed prerequisite for policy-making in the history of the Hub, Global Shapers Faisalabad has planned to develop a survey report. The goal of this quality of life survey is to assess individuals perceived satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the major domains of life. This report will be used not only to help someone measure how they perceive life, but also to help measure demographic characteristics, education, hygiene, sanitation, housing, commuting, skills and enrichment and economic opportunities in order to get a much better idea of how those things affect their day-to-day life in the city.