The Volunteer Guide

In this era of youngsters championing mighty social causes, here is an attempt to spread awareness and reskill the youth of the Chennai city by leading them into the world of social volunteering. 'The Volunteer Guide’ is a one stop solution to the youth of the city – students, young adults, and professionals, looking to give back to the society and help in the growth and development of the community as a whole. Given how information regarding NGOs, social help groups and volunteering opportunities are strewn all over the internet, the team of Shapers has carefully put together a handbook website that will enable everyone to step up for a cause more easily.


Carefully curated by expert professionals, The Volunteer Guide has identified 8 priority sectors – Health, Education, Animal Welfare, Housing and Development, Women Empowerment, Financial Inclusion, Cleaning and Environment and the LGBTQI community. The platform will also help users find resources and tools to support volunteers in their work. This would include information about the organizations value and causes they are supporting, as well as tips and best practices for volunteering effectively. It also contains the roles that are available for volunteers and commitment period. The team has personally spoken to all the verified listings on the guide in order to increase credibility.


Thus, the hub aspires to make the volunteer guide play the role of a valuable resource for youth to make a positive impact in the community. By researching and identifying the needs of both the NGOs and the volunteers, and including resources and tools to support their work, our platform is helping to connect like-minded people.


The goal is to make this platform reach 100,000 citizens of the city and mobilize a new generation of social volunteers. We intend to later collaborate with other metro hubs in the country and take the platform to a national level. In the long run, the Volunteer Guide may involve partnering with local schools or universities to promote the platform to students, or seeking funding or sponsorships from businesses or philanthropic organizations.