The Way

THE WAY addresses the need for young people to have productive conversations about social, economic, and cultural issues. The project aims to empower youth through expert insights, meaningful exchanges and cultural bridges. Morocco's youth are The Way's main target audience. This includes young people who are attempting to navigate social and economic obstacles, who want to interact with local and global experts and who want to be exposed to a variety of viewpoints. The Way suggests having a number of conversations about social, political, and cultural issues. Young participants engage with Moroccan and international stakeholders through these exchanges and they contribute their expertise to enhance discussions. The project intends to empower youth by fostering intellectual discourse, facilitating cultural twinnings, promoting values and disseminating knowledge.

Hub Tasks:

  • Setting Up Expert-led Exchanges: Guiding conversations about cultural, social and economic issues. Involving young people in discussions with regional and global specialists.

  • Initiatives for Cultural Twinning: Fostering mutual understanding and cooperation amongst various cultures.

  • Knowledge Transfer Sessions: Establishing forums wherein stakeholders can impart their expertise to younger participants.

Short and long-term goals: - Boost young people's participation in positive conversations. - Encourage cross-cultural communication and cooperation. - Give young people a diverse range of perspectives and knowledge. - Provide a long-lasting forum for continued discussion and cross-cultural exchange.