The Z and Y enterpreneurs GAP | we MIND, do you?

In Trentino, Italy, 1 out of 4 of new enterprenuers have an average age ranging from 50 to 60 years old. Thus, these data show that Millenials and the Z generation are particularly underrapresented among the economy of Trentino.

This GAP captured the attention of the the Trento Hub for 3 reasons:

1. The first one relates to the Global Shapers strategy of making the younger leader of the future;

2. The second one relates to the topics emerged as materials within our impact's materiality matrix. The topics are: future generation; entreprenuership in Trentino; social inclusion; Trento Hub accountability;

3. The third one relates to one of the social pillar described within the Trentino's Sustainable Development Strategy.

The aim of our project is to perform a comprehensive study by investigating the lack of young enterprenuers within the Trentino economy and how to frame solutions to fulfill it.

Goals outside the Hub| external comittment

  • studying the boundaries of Trentino's market which prevent young generation to become enterpreneurs;

  • being leaders of the contemporary debate on topics with a strong impact on our generation (Millenials and Z generation)

Goals outside the Hub| internal comittment

  • becoming testimonials of a social challenge affecting Millenials and Z generation;

  • scaling our social impact on Trentino's territory;

  • increasing the attractiveness of Trento's hub;

  • strengheting social and human relationship both among the Hub's members as well as with local stakeholers.

AREAS OF IMPACT | global impact

  • Projects' alignment with the Global Shapers area of impact: Education and employment.

AREAS OF IMPACT | local impact


  • Projects' alignment with the Trentino's area: social pillar of the Trentino Sustainable Development Strategy

  • Projects' alignment with the 3 out of 4 Trento Hub impact's materiality matrix: future generation; entreprenuership in Trentino;Trento Hub accountability;