Thinking "Carbon Neutral" from Tokyo, the Energy Consuming Region

Problem Statement:

The issues of carbon neutrality in 2050 and the restarting of nuclear power plants have captured the public's attention. Energy, which is the foundation of everyone's life, is a topic that all Japanese citizens cannot avoid. However, the younger generation is less interested in energy issues and may not be able to make a convincing decision when faced with a decision in the energy field in the future. In particular, Tokyo is an energy-consuming region that places a certain burden on energy-producing regions, and there is a strong need to cultivate a perspective on energy issues.

Therefore, this project will create a place to connect young people associated with energy-consuming and energy-producing regions to learn and engage in dialogue. Through this project, the hub aims to help the young people who participate in the project to gain a sense of understanding of the nature of interactions between regions with energy as a starting point, to think for themselves and form their own opinions, and to output their opinions as their own.


Target Group

  1. Tokyo-area residents who are particularly interested in energy and environmental issue.

  2. Those who are involved in building local communities in Fukushima and Niigata.


Proposed Solution: 

  1. Panel discussion and QA with experts on energy issues

  2. Questions will be designed and discussed based on participants' questions


Hub Activities: 

  • Participants acquire a reasonable perspective on energy issues

  • Consider better relationships between energy consuming and producing regions through dialogue

  • Cultivate their own opinions by discussing questions by putting them into questions

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results:

  • Participants develop a reasonable view of energy issues

  • Provide an opportunity for energy-consuming and energy-producing regions to break down mutual distrust.

  • To develop and publicize knowledge on how to build discussions that deepen one's own concerns by putting questions into questions and discussing them.


Available Metrics: 

  • At least the same number of questions with participants about energy issues are generated among the participants

  • All participants are able to express at least one opinion on questions


What the project achieved

  • Project satisfaction by participants averaged 4.7/5

  • Participants commented that they gained insight into decarbonization, shared diverse ideas and understandings, and felt that concrete measures should be considered based on the need for decarbonization


  • GSC Yokohama Hub

  • Univercity of Creativity