To keep our mental health in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Problem Statement

One of the social issues facing Tokyo is ‘How to keep mental health’. In big city, there are some environmental factors that affect mental health negatively - noise problem, insufficient experience in nature, the state of congestion, for example. Since the pandemic began, the number of patients with depression has doubled in Japan.The prevalence propotion was 7.9% in 2013 and now it increased to 17.3 % , according to OECD research.

Proposed Solution

GSC Tokyo has created a place to connect people to learn and engage in dialogue about mental health. Through this project, we work towards helping people to clarify issues they/we have, discuss measures, and discover a feasible method for each to live healthy

Target Group

  1. Tokyo-area residents who are particularly interested in mental issues

  2. Those who are involved in building local communities in Tokyo

Hub Activities

We organize discussion and exchange sessions. Each time, we decide a topic relating to mental health and invite experts on it. The event would start from panel discussion and QA with experts. And participants discuss how to connect the topic with staying healthy.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results

  • Participants deepen their knowledge about each topic and understand how the topic is related to mental health.

  • Participants develop a feasible method for their life to stay healthy.

Available Metrics

So far, Tokyo hub has held four 2-hour discussion and exchange sessions with 55 participants in total. We held it on a regular basis, once every six months.


  1. Work Life with your pet ・PET SPOT ( ・Withmal ( ・CITY DOG (

  2. How local communities should be in Tokyo ・Toshinari Yoko (Minato Ward assembly member) ・Aoie (

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