TogetherNotAlone - Supporting People in the Risk Group of COVID-19

With the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in central Europe and the beginning of self-isolation, Luxembourg City Hub thought about the trouble people in the at risk of Covid-19 might have. 

Self- Isolation can also mean not leaving the house even for grocery shopping. 

If older people or people with weakened immune systems have no family, friends or any other support system, how will they survive during confinement? 

 Therefore, we have designed multilingual templates in Luxembourgish, German, French, English and Portuguese for volunteers who want to offer their help with groceries, dog walking, etc. in their neighbourhood

We made the templates available via facebook and added a dropbox link (

The templates may be printed, filled out and put on the house door, in the letter boxes of neighbors and so on, to support people who are part of the risk group: Anyone aged 60+, people with a weakened immune system or anyone unable to leave their home.