Tree Plantation drive and Peace Walk

The aim was to plant trees in H11 sector-police lines- after a peace walk from H12 NUST University showing solidarity with martyrs of APS school attack who were brutally harmed by terrorists on 16th December 2014, making it the Black Day not only in history of Pakistan but of this modern world.
In order to show solidarity with families of demised and pay tribute to young heroes of Pakistan trees of Souk Cheen and Keekar were planted in green belt region of H11 sector, Islamabad. Before tree plantations walk was held from H12 sector. Students were holding banners showing their love for peace and standing up tall against injustice and inhuman acts. At arrival to plantation site prayers were offered and then plantations took place. About 150 plants were planted which would provide fresh air to not only occupants of H11 and H12 but whole Islamabad.
This project was managed in collaboration with NUST Community Services Club. This project was very important to show the world that students of Pakistan want to have a positive impact on this world. They have totally rejected barbaric acts of terrorists and stand united in critical phase of APS children lives. Also to spread peace and prosperity one must start by taking care of his surrounding and region. For this purpose plantations were followed by walk.