It’s simple math. We are chopping down about 15 billion trees a year and planting about 9 billion. While industrial-scale solutions are needed, citizens too can make a difference. Led by the Dhaka Hub, Treelionaire is a citizen-led tree-planting drive that has mobilized 27 hubs across South Asia to plant more than 10,000 trees in the region so far.

Dhaka Hub worked with 100 students from grades seven to nine at the Ali Hossain Girls High School to plant eight trees to replace the oxygen one person consumes per year. Students were encouraged to repeat the exercise in their communities, taking a photo and tagging it to social media to capture the overall number of trees planted.

Whether mobilising classrooms, providing seeds to farmers to help restore degraded land or partnering with a local organisation tackling reforestation at scale – small efforts can achieve big results.

Join the Treelionaire Facebook group to complete a plantation drive in your city.

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