Treelionaire Chandigarh

Problem Statement:

Citizens in Chandigarh need to not only plant more trees but also take care of them in order to get the benefits of an increased green cover.

Target Group:

Citizens of Chandigarh

Proposed Solution:

To identify areas with minimal tree cover in the city where citizens are able to take on the responsibility of caring for planted trees and saplings, such that once a tree plantation drive is carried out trees are also cared for ensuring that they grow well. In addition to this, participants get expertise on the type of trees planted to ensure that they will be ones that require minimal care and preservation.

Hub Activities:

  • 20 Trees Planted in IT Park Panchkula

  • 150 Trees planted in Swami Devi Dayal Institute Barwala, Panchkula where each student adopted a tree

  • 20 Trees Planted in Mohali around hub member’s office so that they can be well taken care of

  • 20 Trees planted in a public park adding to the tree walk for residents

Short & Long-Term Results:

  • In the short term, the awareness drives consisted of sustainable environment discussions which shared information with citizens on local trees, the best season for planting them and the ideal soil preparation.

  • In the long term, the trees planted and cared for under this project will absorb and reduce approximately 20 kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere - per tree per year. In areas where the green cover has been destroyed due to development and concrete structures, tree plantations will reduce pollution and improve the air quality, mitigate effects of global warming, create comfortable climatic conditions for citizens, and also increase biodiversity.

Available Metrics:

  • 210 trees planted so far that continue to be taken care of

  • Engaged more than 200 residents in plantation and awareness drives

  • Hub collaborations with 3 local NGOs for future plantations

  • 20 trees added to the tree walk in sector 67 public park


  • Treefie (For tree walk)

  • Haryali (Punjab government)

  • Swami Devi Dayal Institute, Barwala