United Against C19

United Against C19 is a social media campaign that has been launched by the London Global Shapers together with One Young World to empower people to take action in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a concern that younger people are starting to get impatient and the Hub feels there is a role for us to play in this time. The campaign is designed to encourage particularly younger people to pledge ways to help with the pandemic efforts. These pledges include:


  1. Stay at home

  2. Befriend an elderly resident virtually

  3. Help with delivery of groceries and prescriptions to vulnerable people

  4. Donate time or resources to a local organisation

  5. Help stop the spread of misinformation

  6. Support those who financially suffer most, eg your local business, artists, freelancers,

  7. Check in on your neighbors and reach out to people who currently live on their own

  8. Stay in touch with your friends and colleagues

  9. Take care of yourself