UNLEASH 2019 - Carbon Dioxide Offset

In 2019, GSC Shenzhen hub took part in Unleash 2019. It was an innovation and technology competition held by the Shenzhen government, China Association of Science and Technology and the Unleash Organization. It was a project to accelerate disruptive ideas by engaging top talent in problem-solving and co-creation activities.

In the event, Shenzhen Global Shapers organized the carbon dioxide offset, which added up the mileage of all the flights, which were taken by the 1500 participants from over 160 countries, calculated the carbon dioxide emissions, and then worked with Alipay ant forest to offset the emissions. 

Shenzhen Hub held the meeting with Young Global Leaders and the participants of Unleash, to raise funds and make the offset work. It was a memorable and meaningful project. The total carbon emission calculated was about 576 tons. And the project will plant about 86 mu (approx 6 hectares) of forest in the Taihang mountain area of Hebei Province, equivalent to about 19.000 Platycladus orientalis (tree species).