Upskilling for Girls from Marginalized Communities

The New Delhi Hub partnered with FAT (Feminist Approach to Technology) (, a not‐for‐profit organization that believes in empowering women by teaching them key technology skills for employment. Because of a lack of access and numerous daily struggles, girls in low-income families are unable to access technology, and despite being educated, often lack the basic skills required for employment. The New Delhi Hub has been conducting monthly on-site teaching sessions with 15 to 20 girls per session. The content covers the basics of English and computer skills like MS Office, E-mail, Internet Search and Social Media Posts. We are also helping them to understand their job aspirations, search for jobs, and preparing them for job interviews. The girls, as part of their engagement with FAT, have been given mini-projects to positively impact the society they come from. Shapers from the New Delhi Hub are also mentoring girls on these projects towards maximum possible impact.