URMI: Unleashing Resilience and Mastery Internally

Problem Statement: Women on career breaks face challenges in re-entering the workforce due to skill gaps, lost professional networks, and societal biases, resulting in underemployment and wage disparity.

Target Group: URMI targets women on career breaks, including those who paused their careers for family, health, or education, and are now seeking to re-enter the workforce. These individuals often have prior professional experience but need support to overcome re-entry barriers.

Proposed Solution: URMI offers a 6-month comprehensive program providing career assessment, skill development, mentorship, mental well-being support, and job placement services to empower women for successful workforce re-entry.

Hub Activities:

  • Career Assessment: Tailored evaluations to understand each participant's career goals and skill gaps.

  • Skill Development: Workshops to update professional skills in line with current industry demands.

  • Mentorship: One-on-one guidance from industry professionals to provide insights and networking opportunities.

  • Mental Well-being Support: Sessions on stress management and work-life balance to address psychological aspects of career breaks.

  • Job Placement Services: Networking and connections with potential employers to facilitate job placements.

Short and Long-term Goals:

  • Short-term: Reintegrate participants into the workforce, enhancing their skills and confidence.

  • Long-term: Establish URMI as a sustainable model for career re-entry support, contributing to reduced gender pay gaps and improved workplace diversity.

Project Metrics:

  • Output Metrics: Number of participants, workshops conducted, mentorship pairings.

  • Impact Metrics: Employment rates post-program, participant satisfaction, career progression, and salary changes compared to pre-program status.

Collaborators: URMI collaborates with industry partners, mental health professionals, and educational institutions to provide mentorship, mental health support, and skill development resources.