Uspeshnye Ledi Sibiri (Successful Ladies of Siberia)

The project consists from two parts.
First part is 10 movies about ten successful women from 10 different areas. We will show on the example that it is possible to be successful in professional area and family simultaneously. External women success begins from the family support, harmonious family relations.
These movies go on rating TV channels of the region, in the media and the Internet channel. In popular magazines of the region will be published description of the project, cites statements by the heroines.
The second part of the project is a forum devoted to the topic of family harmony, women's success. Speakers of the forum will be heroines of movies, psychologists in the field of family relations and project partners, on the other hand - we invite girls and women. The forum raise issues of family values and will discuss the success of women as a source of family harmony, talk about social entrepreneurship, and the role of women in society development.
This model will be scaled to the largest regions of Russia. We hope that other hubs also connect to the project. It is really important task to attract society attention to the family values.