Covid-19 Response: Community Huddle & Humanitarian Efforts

With all 'normalcy' thrown in disarray due to Covid 19, the Global Shapers New Delhi Hub kickstarted a Virtual Community Huddle & Webinar Series, in association with Confederation of Indian Industries’ (CII) Young Indians, to create safe spaces for individuals to navigate the crisis.

The following activities have been a part of this Project:

Virtual Huddles: From dealing with mental health, discussing the impact on big business and understanding the post-COVID-19 world, our series, starting on March 23rd 2020, India's Jan Curfew Day, was one of the first webinar series addressing the pandemic in the country. The series moderated by Global Shapers New Delhi Hub members hosted speakers ranging from Forum Young Global Leaders and business heads to health policy experts and psychologists. This multi-webinar initiative witnessed spectacular engagement levels with over 3000+ signups cumulatively & 1500+ viewers from 30+ countries.

Humanitarian Relief: The Hub coordinated efforts with Zomato Feeding India and the Delhi government to ensure rations are provided to 50+ families in under-served communities in Delhi

Indigenous Masks: Under our hybrid project framework, we are collaborating with organizations, from across different regions in the country, that work with local artists and tribal communities championing indigenous art forms and biodiversity themes. Our first pilot is with MITHILAsmita, an award winning social organization preserving the skill of Madhubani artists, and Earth Day Network and Climate Reality Project India, our sector & community partners, to create safe and sustainable biodiversity championing masks that will give livelihood to artisans whose jobs have been lost due to the Covid crisis. The Covid Crisis has put at risk the jobs of artisans, craftsmen and weavers in rural parts of the country. To support the local artisan landscape, we are kick-starting a mask development project that will support certain communities across the length and breadth of the country. We may also explore diversifying the initiative to other merchandise such as scarves, bags and furnishings after the Covid crisis recedes. Indigenous Masks is a hybrid project framework that lies at the intersection of pandemic response, arts and climate & biodiversity conservation by functioning on the multi-stakeholder theory. It integrates the challenge of the Covid pandemic with our community through its #Shaping Fashion movement and WEF's Young Global Leaders - Global Shapers Community 30x30 initiative.

Advocacy: The Hub provided essential information on COVID-19 to under-resourced communities in India, translated into regional languages. The resources contain prevention tips, helpline numbers for each State, crucial myth-busters and more. The Hub collaborated with various grassroots NGOs to disseminate this information in under-served communities.