A platform for social interaction, connection and collaboration between organizations in the city, in order to mobilize high-impact actions that motivate work for the environment, water, mobility, public space and responsible consumption to proceed to pedagogy, appropriation and action in favor of the climate crisis in Barranquilla and surrounding municipalities. WATER How do I understand the water? Where does it come from? Where are you going? How do I protect the water? How do I report misuse? What is my water footprint? What is the virtual water of the products I consume? We all have the right to clean and quality water. MOBILITY Appropriation of transport systems and microsystems in my city. Increase mobility decongestion on short trips. Creation of social informants of any failure in infrastructure, furniture and / or violation of regulations. PUBLIC SPACE Take the public space to take care of it / improve it, to make a community that organizes it. Promote a pleasant and safe coexistence, respect for other forms of life. Do pedagogy on the right to public space, identify your administrators to demand a healthy / sustainable city. Promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities, retirees, minorities, LGBTI, among others, providing training in issues of sustainability and awareness for the care of the environment. RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION We teach the life cycles of consumer products. We promote the production and collection of urban food, composting and bartering of them. We promote local purchase, responsible seasonal products, products without packaging, products that are not a single use.