Volunteer work to get to talk to different demographies in our city

Every year, the Helsinki Hub members will arrange for a short-term volunteering in some local organizations activities, to get to know the people and our city a bit better.

Some examples have been:

-Saapas operation, organized by the church's youth workers. Each year at events where a lot of youngsters are out on the streets, the "saapas operation" people roam the streets and areas with youth to see if they are intoxicated, talk to them, and prevent violence. All the workers are trained for four days in advance.

-The red cross has several different initiatives across the country, e.g. hunger day collects and aid

-Volunteer at pensioneers homes 

-Work with minorities

-Work for the scouts 

-A day we plan ourselves without instructions from an existing organization, e.g. survey about the worst places in the city for youth to hang out in and visit them