Votemos Muchá

Citizen participation during elections is crucial in the future of the city and country. General elections in June 2019 (President and Vice, Municipalities, Congress and Central American Parliament) and next ballotage in August 2019 for the presidency are only two handfuls of elections in Guatemala's new and fragile democracy. Yet, such democracy has been plagued by crippling corruption, organized crime, into a severely taken state (Estado Cooptado).


However, there have been individuals and entities that have fought long-standing dark forces. So, democracy today and elections this year are key into breaking this or perpetuating this. People's involvement in politics through electing their representatives meant so much for the development of the country. Even more, when now all votes were registered and binding (valid and null votes). It was imperative for a country to usually pull back from voting, to go and vote to be heard. 2020 elections changed in time-frame, law, and more strict measures, creating much more confusion of the whereabouts and howabouts of candidates, voting, etc.


That is why Global Shapers Guatemala City Hub created the project ¡Votemos Muchá! compromised of three elements:

  1. Analysis Shaper Talk, led by Shapers and political analyst to clear out uncertainties about the upcoming elections, developed in collaboration with Escuela de Gobierno. More than 50 people attended the dialogue (full house) and live-streamed it with over 2.6K views and 6K reach.

  2. ¿Cómo está esto? A recap of all the information regarding voting, candidates, and procedures (online campaign) with videos, gifs and graphic design with clear and certain information.

  3. Partnership with Uber to bring 50% discount to users using the code VOTEMOSMUCHAGT in Guatemala and VOTEMOSMUCHAQT in Quetzaltenango. The initiative had massive media coverage and use of the codes.

The goal was to inform the population and clear out doubts into mounting dis or misinformation going around and promoting Guatemalans to vote. The Hub's goal was to promote a better understanding of what is being asked to do during the elections and for the voters to be sufficiently informed and creating better critical thinking of the candidates. Moreover, having done that, supporting them into attending their voting tables. We measured our impact into people of whose our outreached has reached, viewed, and comprehended, and taken action