¡Votemos Pues! (Let's Vote!)

El Salvador is currently immersed in a difficult socio-political context. According to the latest Latinobarómetro report, only 5% of Salvadorans trust the current political parties and only 12% consider that the electoral authority has credibility. One of the biggest challenges Salvadorans face is to become active citizens and responsibly engage and participate in democratic processes.

The San Salvador Hub seeks to involve Salvadorans (especially youth) in informed decision-making and to generate awareness of how our political and electoral systems work. In this way, citizens will be able to demand collective, efficient and sustainable public policies. The Let’s Vote Project (that has been consistently implemented since 2014), has carried out different online and offline actions, such as social media advocacy campaigns and informative events in the most concurred and popular malls in San Salvador.

For the 2019 presidential election, the hub created a website that compiled factual information on candidates' proposals in order to promote informed and responsible voting. The website had over 5,460 visits in the 2 week period prior to the election alone. The hub also partnered with Uber, allowing passengers to use the code “votemospues” in order to receive a discount on their ride to and from selected voting centres. In total, 8,000 citizens used the dedicated code.

The hub seeks to position the Let’s Vote! project as one of the most important and reliable electoral projects in the country. Success will be measured by the number of citizens the hub is able to reach through various activities.