WACU- WAndering CUltures

Migration is seen as the first urban challenge in Europe according to the World Economic Forum. In Italy and particularly in Rome, migrants correspond to ca 530k people (nearly 0,5% of the local population). Usually, they live in community centers located in the outskirts of the city with little support; migrants and refugees do not receive fast and adequate support to learn the local language and find a job. Social integration is also difficult to achieve due to the hurtful allegations about migrants from some major political parties in Italy. The result is that migrants stay segregated in peripheral zones, only speaking their languages with people from their countries. What we do with Wandering cultures is create cultural, artistic and literary itineraries across Rome involving young Italians and refugees leveraging on what only Rome can offer, namely its amazing cultural and artistic heritage. The project aims to strengthen cultural exchange and social inclusion.

The overall objective of the project is to empower migrants through the knowledge of Italian and European cultural heritage in order to enhance their knowledge and overcome social barriers to integration. Our second objective is to raise awareness in the Roman community on the necessity to integrate immigrants in the urban context, while connecting participants that can then become advocates of social inclusion.