Warming Hearts with Christmas Cards

The holidays are coming and we all love to receive a card or a letter from our loved ones. 


Why don't we share this joyful experience with the wider community this year? Let's spread some card magic among people who - we think - need some extra love. 


The Ljubljana Hub is organizing an online workshop for Shapers at which we will learn to write creative holiday cards. Each Shaper will write in their language and deliver the final card to the local hospital/elderly home etc. and spread some Shaper love among their communities.


The workshop will be led in collaboration with the Raznoglednice team (founded by one of our Shapers), which has experience in leading those kinds of events.


When: Monday, December 5th, 2022 at 18:30 CET

Where: online (Zoom)

Register HERE to get the Zoom link 



To write a holiday card and deliver it to the to the local hospital/elderly home etc.

To encourage Shapers to find their writing voice and use it for a higher purpose.

To learn creative writing techniques and enhance inner creativity. 

To connect Shapers among different hubs and encourage further collaborations in the new year.