Waste It Wisely

Problem Statement:


Environmental issues are a big problem in Egypt, especially because it is something that most part of the population doesn’t think about or doesn’t care. We intend to bring the problem to focus and demonstrate with simple solution what each person can do to tackle this problem.


Target Group:


Youth of Egypt


Proposed Solution:

The majority of Egypt’s youth uses social media, having this in mind, we hope to inform the population about the critical situation at risk with climate and environmental change. We will make a series of fun and informative post about the situation along with solutions that each person can contribute in an individual level.


Hub Activities:


Starting the campaign of Waste it Wisely, in partnership with Giza Hub, we will post in our social media and analyze the engagement data. With the results, we can think about making this a short or a long activity and what else could we do.


Short & Long-Term Goals/Results:


We aim to see engagement with this concept and make future cross hub collaboration with other Egyptian hubs to make them more active and involved with environmental issues.


Available Metrics:


So far, the hub has finished all posts' information and we are waiting on the graphic design so we can post them. We have seen great cross hub collaboration and wish to make more with other Egyptian hubs.



Giza Hub