Water Conservation in the Domestic Sphere

47% of Pakistan’s population is living in water-scarce areas. “Over the last century, water use has grown more than twice the rate of population increase globally.” (World Data Lab). In an attempt to make citizens act more responsibly, this project is geared towards spreading awareness to diminish the effects of a problem that is increasingly getting worse. A two-pronged approach was taken to ensure that the impact doesn’t fade out as soon as activities end. A social media campaign followed by multiple on-the-ground activities were rolled out over the months of December 2019 and January 2020.

On-site activities showed that people are willing to act more responsibly if they know what consequences their actions have – positive or negative. The infographics for the project mentioned every individual’s common practices and their respective (potential) contributions to water wastage. Different localities, societies, and social groups were identified, especially in areas where water wastage was a problem. Observations from off-site and on-site activities suggested that knowledge gaps need to be catered to on a larger-scale. A subsequent work plan to scale up this project is under the works, along with existing and potential partners.