People are under educated when it comes to how are they treating and wasting water as a resource. Public participation is the most infringed right in the process of making decisions in the area of water management. That leads to lack of access to safe drinking water in the country, so that only 62.7% of the people are using water from the public water supply system. There is a lack of public debate and practice about water rights and how to protect them, especially for the categories of vulnerable groups.

The goal for this Global Shapers Skopje Hub project is first to educate the local people how to treat water and not to waste it, by doing some workshops and using morning TV shows, so the project can provide knowledge and encourage public debate about the problem. On the other side, on 22th March- World water day we will have a conference, with participants from the academia, professionals, institution representatives and NGO's where an initiative for implementing the water as a basic human right in our constitution will be discussed. On this conference the Hub will bring international experts that will present Slovenia's experience and positive practices in implementing water as basic human right in their Constitution. Desired impact is to implement water as a basic human right in the Constitution of North Macedonia and improve public participation in exercising water rights.

In total project will consist of:

2 workshops in Kumanovo and Shutka

50 participants 2 workshops in high schools Orce Nikolov and Nikola Karev

100 participants 4 Morning shows on Alfa TV, Kanal 5, Sitel and 24 news

10.000 viewers

Conference day: 50 participants.