Waves for water collaboration Tijuana

Problem Statement

Some communities at San Jose de la Zorra, Mexico, lack of potable water. 

Target Group

Vulnerable communities in the community of San Jose de la Zorra, Mexico.

Proposed Solution

The Tijuana Hub decided to partner with Waves For Water, an international non-profit organization that works on the front line to provide access to clean water through the distribution of portable water filters, the excavation and renovation of wells and the construction of water collection and storage systems of rainwater in vulnerable communities. 

Hub Activities

Waves For Water Collaboration Tijuana is a community-based initiative of the Tijuana Hub that aims to provide clean water and basic sanitation to support communities in San José de la Zorra. As Global Shapers, the Tijuana Hub partnered in 2019 with Waves for water to provide water filters to 100 families in the community of San Jose de la Zorra, Mexico.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results

Our goal was to support the rural community in San Jose de la Zorra to get clean water by allocating 100 water filters to 100 families in San Jose de la Zorra.

Available Metrics

At the end, we achieved the following metrics of impact: 

  1. 125 water filters donated by the Waves for Water organization-

  2. 75 families recipient of water filters

  3. 4 organizations involved

  4. 15 global shapers mobilized

  5. 10 years of clean water for a rural community.