We Heal As One Video Campaign

Shaper project lead: Pepe Diokno

The Philippine Department of Health created the HEART-TO-HEART series, a campaign in which the department will feature some of the most concentrated actors in the industry to guide us in various ways of responding to COVID-19. The project consists of a series of 5 videos, all done for free with top Philippine actors to help educate citizens to protect themselves from the virus. 

Director: Pepe Diokno (Global Shaper Manila Hub)

Music by: Jessie Lasaten

Editor: CJ Villa

Executive Producers: Ida Tiongson > Alu Dorotan-Tiuseco

With the support of: Film Development Council of the Philippines, Metro Manila Film Festival, Epic Media, Global Shapers Community Manila, On the Spot Music Score, Richie Pilares, and Aldwin Alegre.

#BeatCOVID19 #WeHealAsOne #COVID19PH