We Need to Talk

Periods are nothing to be ashamed of. It is a perfectly normal part of womanhood. They are harsh for many of us, yet there are thousands of women and girls out there who have to deal with their periods while at the same time working and living under very harsh conditions. Plus, the stigma and shame culture built around menstruation makes it harder to talk about it. The Istanbul Hub has launched a new movement called “We Need to Talk,” which empowers disadvantaged groups of girls and women by giving them access to sanitary materials, destroying the stigma around menstruation and most importantly building a safe space where girls and women can freely talk about menstruation. In partnership with Zeytinburnu Muinicipality in Istanbul, which has a major refugee population in their area, Istanbul Hub trains Syrian refugee girls and women covering the how and why of menstruation, as well as best practices for hygiene and wellbeing. The goal of the project is to normalize and spread the conversation around menstruation while equipping young girls with vital information.