We Play Equal

Very first time, the Istanbul Hub led a cross-hub initiative “We Play Equal” with 10 Hubs from different regions – in local level, Istanbul Shapers engaged boys and young men around tackling gender stereotypes and normes, built a network of 60 coaches with a huge impact potential of 10,000 adolescents and trained them during Train the Trainers Workshops in three sequential series by using the sport as a powerful tool in promoting gender equity among adolescent boys and girls and implementing mixed-gender structured sport programs specialised in closing the gender gap in which girls and boys play equal. There was much more than engaging stakeholders into the initiaitive.. They approached to building an alliance with national and regional stakeholders including UNICEF, UN Women- He for She, National Olympics Committee, National Sport Athletes, so on. International NGOs such as UN Women Europe, Voices of Youth (UNICEF) and No More supported this new movement through their sharings / posts on their own social media channels. A blog piece on this project has been published at Voices of Youth online platform powered by UNICEF.