When "King Midas" recycles

The main purpose of the project is to raise money for financing local initiatives through recycling. Obtaining economic resources using waste is beneficial for both causes to contribute to the environment, ensuring proper treatment of disposal materials, and obtaining capital for the betterment of the community.

The fundamental goals of our initiative are:

  1. Encourage corporate social responsibility by exhorting local business to work with our project for an initial period of 9 months providing us with their disposal material sorted and ready for the collection.

  2. We made an agreement with a recycling company in order to collect the waste. The recycling company ECOUS will pass every 15 days to collect the materials already separated (carton, crushed and rinsed plastic bottles and aluminium cans).

  3. The Hub will have an official announcement in order to summon the civil associations to participate through a value project for the community and the winner will be financially assisted with the money raised with the recycling of waste.

The expected impact will be in the following branches:

  • Economic: Financing of local projects focused on the development of the community and the preservation of the environment.

  • Environmental: Active participation in the correct disposal of waste in order to recycle and minimize the amount of waste.

  • Local impact: Reducing local pollution.

  • Teamwork: Working with projects and associations that are already operating in their area of ​​expertise.

  • Synergy: Creation of a permanent relationship between companies and buyers of waste.

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