Wisconsin Voter Registration

Problem Statement: The US General Election in November 2020 is an important moment in deciding the course of the state and the country. The State of Wisconsin, a swing state, needs to effectively increase mail-in ballot registration in order to safely increase voter turnout during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Target Group:  This project supports all Wisconsin residents who are eligible to vote.

Proposed Solution: The Milwaukee and Madison hubs will collaborate with grassroots organizations, civic leaders in both cities, and progressive organizations to create a voting web series for all Wisconsin residents. Through the voting web-series that will be promoted on multiple social media channels and Global Shapers hubs, we will be able to encourage eligible voters to register and request mail-in ballots so that they can safely exercise their right to vote.

Hub Activities: 

  • Promote mail-in ballot requests on social media through the Global Shapers accounts, partnering platforms, and individual accounts

  • Create a voting web-series:

  1. August: How COVID-19 Affects Our Voting in Wisconsin - Political speaker TBD

  2. September: Grassroots Organizations and Non-Profits Who We Can Support

  3. October: Call to Action - Voter Registration, Voter Awareness, Voter Mail-In Ballot Requests

  • Collaborate with Bridge the City podcast host Ashlie Benson (Global Shaper) to moderate a discussion between civic leaders and grassroots org representatives

  • At the end of the last web-series, we will take a picture on Zoom/virtual platform where users will hold up a photo saying “I Registered to Vote”, encouraging WI residents from around the state to tag themselves and promote in their personal networks

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results:


  • Increase mail-in ballot voter registration for the general election.


  • Increase voter knowledge and political efficacy about voting in Wisconsin.

  • Increase collaborative opportunities between Madison and Milwaukee.

  • Increase engagement opportunities between WI residents and civic leaders, organizations, and transparency about ongoing activities.

Available Metrics: 

So far, the hub members have used social media to spread awareness about voter registration for the August 11 Wisconsin state primary election. The Milwaukee hub has also contacted the Madison hub to plan the web-series sessions.

The hub aims to target approximately 100 people in the first voting web-series session from both the Milwaukee and Madison hubs.

After the first session, the hub seeks to expand into more networks and communities throughout the Wisconsin area by working with grassroots organizations and civic leaders.


Madison Global Shapers hub

Bridge the City 

Grassroots organizations and Non-profit organization TBD