Women Leading Forward

Women Leading Forward is a project by the Dusseldorf Hub with the goal of achieving gender equality through empowerment and networking of (young) girls and women.

Even though there is a constant talk about inequality and intersectional problems, bias and misconceptions still exist. As a consequence we tend to be satisfied with the status quo, believing that we live in an equal enough society and ignore the many different issues that continue to prevail in our lives. A new normal arises, holding us back from living in a just society.

Women Leading Forward is about empowering each other, acknowledging differences and connecting women beyond ethnicity, religion, skin color or sexual identities. It is about recognizing each other’s values and creating a new inclusive community, breaking stereotypes and bias thinking. We want to see women and young girls taking up space, speaking up and speaking out. We want to see how everyone becomes a leader for themselves and inspires others to do the same. Only then can we lead together towards an equal society!

The Hub wants to confront more women with the issue of stereotypical thinking within societies and make them aware of the different obstacles that exist. By consequence, more women are conscious in their everyday life, influencing their behavior and confidence in standing up for themselves.

A much larger group will continue the discussion in private and public life allowing more conversations on empowerment and true equality. A change in people's behavior will then allow women to be more confident in making autonomous decisions, being a leader for themselves and future generations to come.