WomenWorks is a women empowerment community effort that aims to ​help every Indonesian woman feel confident in their future career prospects by nailing interviews one at a time. ​We understand that starting out in a new job (especially If you have been unemployed before) can be hard. Having had mentors help out in our career paths, the project team feels that it is every women’s role to help other women succeed ​(and close the gender gap that is so prevalent in work today).

About the project:

A ​2-hour dressing and coaching service​ for (current) unemployed women is provided, so that they have a ​higher chance ​to secure their dream job. The project focuses on succeeding in the first step: the interview. For donors, ​the project team gives meaningful options to utilize their ​current unused​ clothing or accessories to help another woman in need. ​And by doing so, the project also helps promote sustainable fashion for our mother earth. ​(Fun fact: did you know that an average T-shirt uses 400 - 600 gallons of water [or 7 - 10 FULL bathtubs] to make?)