Words which Change Lives

Problem Statement

The confinement, as a preventive measure for the COVID-19 pandemic, has emphasized an even greater problem: gender violence. Women who suffer domestic violence are at great risk since they are isolated with their own abusers, which limits their options to seek a support network.


Target Group

Women from 12 to 57 years who suffer gender violence.

Proposed Solution

Provide support, solidarity, motivation, and sisterhood through letters written by people with similar experiences and connect the victims with a support network of specialists in this field.


Hub Activities: 

The Project was carried out in collaboration with the company Nuda Est® in order to reach a greater number of impacted people. The project was divided into four stages:

1. Call and connect the largest number of associations that serve and support abused women and find out how many women could be reached.

2. Reception of letters from women to women, on the Nuda Est® platforms.

3. Delivery of the letters in the participating associations.

4. Measurement and publication of the results obtained from the project to the participants and the rest of our society.


Short & Long-Term Goals/Results: 

This project had as a main purpose, improve the emotional condition of the women who suffer gender and domestic violence.


Available Metrics: 

The goals established for this project were:

·        Collect at least 250 letters from women to support affected women.

·        Connect with at least 10 associations in Mexico that help vulnerable women

·        Impact at least 400 women who suffer from violence.


At the end of April we will be able to report the final result of the project KPI’s.



·        Global Shapers Morelia

·        Global Shapers Mérida

·        Nuda Est

·        Associations specialized in supporting women who suffer gender violence

·        Municipal organizations against gender violence.