Young Heroes

The Young Heroes project is the first of its kind in Slovenia, and aims at helping 15 young people from socially vulnerable families who, despite all odds, are already standing out with talents in various fields. The project further develops the potential of these Young Heroes, as well as brings them closer to career and study opportunities. Through mentoring, social events and presentations of various professions, which will include company and organization visits, the Ljubljana Hub hopes to expand their horizons in various ways as well as aid in the increase of their self-esteem and personal development (a one-year scholarship is also planned after the conclusion of the program).

Mentoring takes place in two steps. In the first step, members of the Global Shapers Ljubljana hub, young, ambitious and motivated individuals mentor the Young Heroes and connect with them at all informal meetings, in order to establish a closer relationship. The second step of the mentorship includes successful individuals, representatives of the Slovenian economy, who interact with the Young Heroes primarily at formal meetings and try to help them develop their potential.