Young Leaders, Planting Change in La Guajira

Problem Statement

The limited opportunities for adolescents in the Riohacha district of La Guajira to develop leadership skills and actively participate in community development initiatives.

Target Group

Adolescents in 6th grade at the Eusebio Septimo Mari Educational Institution in Riohacha, La Guajira, Colombia, primarily focusing on their developmental stage where they can significantly influence society as potential change agents.

Proposed Solution

Implementing UNICEF's Seeds of Change tool within the educational setting to enhance leadership skills, foster active participation, and encourage sustainable development among adolescents.

Hub Activities

  • Selection of beneficiaries based on age, gender, ethnic background, and socioeconomic status.

  • Adaptation of Seeds of Change activities to suit the local context and specific needs of the adolescents.

  • Conducting bi-weekly Saturday morning sessions, alternating between project locations, to engage adolescents in various activities fostering leadership and participation.

  • Continuous monitoring of beneficiaries during both project sessions and their daily lives.

  • Evaluation of the project's impact and effectiveness upon its conclusion.

Short and Long-term Goals

Short-term: Enhance leadership abilities, promote active involvement, and foster personal development among adolescents.

Long-term: Create a ripple effect wherein empowered adolescents become catalysts for sustainable community development.

Available Metrics

Output Metrics:

Regular reports on beneficiary selection, adapted activity plans, session schedules, and continuous monitoring records.

Impact Metrics:

Evaluation reports showcasing improvements in leadership skills, increased participation, and observed behavioral changes among adolescents.

Project Collaborators

UNICEF: Providing the Seeds of Change tool and support for its implementation.

Eusebio Septimo Mari Educational Institution: Partnering for project implementation and beneficiary selection.

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