Your Green Kit


Packaging has a value - something we often forget with consuming a lot of single use plastic around our daily food and drink habits. YourGreenKit aims to be the change that returns value to the initial product.       



Problem Statement


Luxembourg has one of the lowest recycling rates in Europe: 32,3% in 2018 (according to Eurostat) which shows that recycling is no longer the sustainable option of the future. In addition, end of life assumptions of most single use and recyclable materials are disastrous: f. ex Aluminium (54% recycled and 46% landfilled); paper lids in the aluminium container (54% is incinerated and 46% landfilled), the silicone (in Tupperware) and polyethylene (in packaging) amounts to 100% landfilling (according to


Proposed Solution


YourGreenKit replaces single use food boxes and coffee take away cups by offering ‘packaging-as-a-service’ with circular material-based alternatives. With YourGreenKit, the user can subscribe to an annual plan of 14,99€ and get unlimited food deliveries in YourGreenBox or for 7,99€ unlimited take- away coffees in YourGreenCup. After finishing their meals or brews, users can drop-off the box or the cup to dedicated collection points or return them to the coffee place, restaurant or the delivery person, so that the products will be cleaned and reused in a loop for the next clients. You will never have to feel bad for ordering food or for buying your favourite hot drink to go: Reuse & Return without creating waste! And the best part? For every return the users collect points that they can then use towards reductions at their favourite restaurants or coffee shops.

The user’s account is linked to the scanning of a traceable QR code on the box or cup, meaning no product ever gets lost again! This is not only good to reduce waste, but also for us to give the user a detailed report on how much he has contributed in reducing the CO2 footprint by replacing single use containers with YourGreenKit products! Everyone can be a GreenChampion, just join the reusable movement with us!                          


Beneficiary Target Group


There are 2 sets of beneficiaries:


1.     Commercial customers: brands, catering companies, facilities management, retailers, players who offer delivery or serve in cafes, canteens, restaurants, coffee / tea shops and beverage vending machines.


Main advantages for direct customers:

-Reduction of packaging costs

-Durable and reusable packaging service

-Eco-responsible image for their consumers, as part of our zero waste circular system encouraging a sustainable lifestyle


2.     Private customers: The beneficiaries are all Luxembourgers and across the border who use the food and drink delivery services on the go.


Main advantages for beneficiaries:

-Reductions at favorite restaurants and cafés by returning YourGreenKit items on time

-Be part of the circular solution

- Attractive and practical product design

-Local partnership network and strong national brand identity

Hub Activities

So far we have finished 1 12-week Coaching programme by the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy, finalizing the system and financial plan, and have secured partnerships with local stakeholders.

Short & Long Term Future Goals 


We aim to have an MVP (minimum viable product) ready on July 1, 2021, while finalising the design and nailing of materials and partner production facility. In the meantime, we will also develop the IT system (in collaboration with Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) and work on logistics with our partners Valorlux and Goosty. By September 1, we want to have 50 restaurants on board and launch our products on the national market. For this, we are also working on a strong national brand image by potentially including the “Let's make it happen” logo in our product lines, in order to underline the national pride of the product line.

A 'trial phase' with 15 restaurants and 8 cafés will be launched for 6 weeks in September-October. Our long-term goal: By 2022, we want the company to function properly and start exploring other levels of partnership: we want to extend the system to other product lines within supermarkets (e.g. Luxlait- local dairy company) and sell the business model to other countries / cities to use in combination with waste disposal systems and delivery platforms.



·      Valorlux (waste disposal and collection company)

·      Goosty (food delivery platform)

·      Ministry of Economy/ LuxInnovation

·      Cactus, Pallcenter, Alima etc. (local supermarkets)

·      LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology)


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