Youth Career Development

The transition for young people between full-time education and full-time work is increasingly uncertain. The Foundation for Young Australians found that half of Australia’s 25 year olds are unable to secure full-time employment, despite 60% holding post-school qualifications with the four most significant factors to accelerating this transition being an education that builds enterprise skills, being able to undertake relevant paid work experience, finding paid employment in a sector which is growing and an optimistic mindset.
Our project focussed on developing these factors through two targeted programs for young people and by young people. The first focussed on an industry (Environment & Sustainability) and the second focussed on early exposure (high school students). These programs were run as events for around 40 young people each which provided a diverse range of highly engaging speakers who were transparent about their experiences in transitioning from education to work with practical and frank insight and advice. Both were positively received, and we are looking at expanding the programs and using them to inform consultation with key policy makers and influencers in Victoria.