Youth Development Quetta

Problem statement: Balochistan is currently facing the challenge of a high illiteracy rate, especially in the youth. Youth in the area lacks basic conventional education and the basic skills needed to enter the job market.

Target audience: University students and unemployed graduates.

Proposed solution: A 3-week training that includes skills development, CV drafting and cover letter writing skills, interview preparation, career counseling services, IT skills development, and engagement in outdoor activities.

Hub activities: A 3-week training programs for the students and graduates, which is followed by the 3-day Bootcamp where the skills provided in the training program are further translated into sustainable ideas for social action projects by participants.

Project goals:

  1. Community engagement and promotion of active citizenship

  2. Increase employability and entrepreneurship

  3. Encouragement of the application of learned skills through a social action plan

  4. Improved literacy and employment

  5. Integration of unemployed graduates into the job market

Desired output: To engage a minimum of 200 participants who will benefit from the training, including students from all universities of Quetta special consideration to Sardar Bahadur Khan University for women.

Project collaborators: The project aims to engage all the civil societies of Quetta however the main partner of this project is Baydar Organisation.