Youth for Road Safety - Pedestrian Day

Riders and drivers in Pune city need to understand the traffic rules so that they can ride and drive responsibly. For this, Shapers and volunteers along with the local government and police officials started a yearly campaign on Pedestrian Day (2 Oct). The project team is creating awareness for road safety at multiple locations every year in Pune city. Under this project, the team appreciates people wearing a helmet and following traffic rules and also request people to cross the road using zebra crossing. 


Long Term Goals

  1. Creating lasting impact on the project target group

  2. Understanding the city traffic issues and educating the upcoming generation

  3. Submitting the report to local government to make necessary changes in the current infrastructure

Short Term Goals

  1. Direct reach up to 3500 riders/drivers per year in a single day and appealing them to follow traffic rules

  2. Helping local traffic police officials and understand on the ground problems with the traffic management

  3. Create awareness about the traffic rules and involve youth in the action



  1. The project has reached 20,000 people since the project started in 2014

  2. All Shapers along with the volunteers are participating in this activity every year since they are taking leads on multiple locations

  3. Doing this project since 2014, 3 schools, 5 colleges and 8 NGO participated in the activity