The world needs leadership on climate change and young people are stepping up to the challenge! The Youth4Climate initiative encourages the power of young people, empowers them to take action on climate change and position them as climate leaders. Following the launch of Voice for the Planet, Istanbul Hub locally designed a Carbon Challenge Programme for the youth and joined their efforts with WWF Turkey by integrating the Carbon Challenge as a separate module into a call to action for national schools.

The aim of the Youth4Climate is to engage youth to live low-carbon lives, make a personal commitment for concrete sustainable changes in one of five areas in the pledge for the planet to cut a minimum of 1 tonne of CO2 pollution out of their daily life within a year of joining and respond to today’s environmental crises! The first step has started with tackling food waste - placed as “1. Change the way I eat” in the pledge for the planet.

Istanbul Hub trained 100 middle-school students on climate change as a waste management issue. The second step has followed with taking concrete actions by students. They have designed a list of activities with a carbon-pollution value attached, taken the lead with implementing composting and introducing Meatless Mondays to transform their school cafeteria into a concept of green generation restaurant serving 600 students.

After these actions at the local level, as a next step, Istanbul Hub will join their efforts with the National Youth Parliament of Turkey to design the first national Youth4Climate initiative of Turkey and launch it together to scale up the youthful climate action throughout the country.