15 November 2018

Global Mental Health Campaign 2018

Mental health remains a taboo in many societies. Today, the World Health Organization estimates that 25% of people worldwide will experience a mental disorder at least once in their lifetime.

Yet, two thirds of people with mental illness never seek professional help because of stigmatisation, neglect and/or ignorance.

October 10 is World Mental Health Day, and the theme for 2018 was “Young people and Mental Health in a changing world."

Rabat Hub (Morocco), Casablanca Hub (Morocco), Bangalore Hub (India) and Fortaleza Hub (Brazil) joined forces to spark a global campaign on the stigma that surrounds mental health.

Using social media as a tool for conversation, Shapers shared their testimonials through videos and encouraged the world to share their stories too - with the hopes that people would no longer suffer alone in silence.

After the launch of the campaign, other hubs and Shapers from around the world joined the collaboration, started a WhatsApp group to keep the conversation going throughout the year, and are working on new projects to destigmatise mental health.

Watch the stories at http://bit.ly/shapersmentalhealth.