06 September 2022

The Incubator - Open a Global Shapers Hub!

Today, more than half of the world population is under 30 years old. Young people are one of the most critical stakeholders in shaping and delivering a sustainable, equitable and resilient future. Cities around the world are teeming with passionate young people who have the power to help their communities and shape positive change.

The Global Shapers Community is a network of 14,000+ young people under the age of 30 driving dialogue, action and change. In 481 cities across 150 countries and territories, teams of Shapers self-organize around volunteer projects that address local, regional, and global challenges. Shapers are diverse in expertise, education, income, race and more - but are united by their desire to bring about change.

Our goal is to expand the Global Shapers Community to all corners of the world. In doing so, we hope to help empower even more young change-makers by amplifying their voices and supporting their desire to drive positive impact - from fighting the climate crisis to creating inclusive communities.

Bring the Global Shapers Community to your city

Are you passionate about changing the world? Are you ready to become a Founding Curator? Apply to our hub incubator before 30 September!

Spend 2 virtual sessions in October-November 2022 developing the strategy and vision of your future hub. If successful, you will become the Founding Curator of a new hub in your city.

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Being a Founding Curator is a big responsibility. It can also enrich one's life and community beyond measure.

Manchester Hub was a product of ripples that kept amplifying. A coffee led to a conversation led to a letter of support led to an an application. Then an a hub and now four projects.

I can see the ripples that we can create... Together, these global local ripples lead the system to be more resilient in the face of uncertainty in the world.

—Flaviu Cipcigan, Founding Curator of Manchester Hub