24 May 2018

Shapers Step Up Climate Action

Climate change is not tomorrow’s problem but today’s reality. Global Shapers believe a sustainable world is possible and want to hold leaders accountable and take tangible action.

For example, Risalat Khan, an inspiring climate activist from the New York Hub, engaged with leading climate change experts at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2018.

For three consecutive years, the Global Shapers Annual Survey, taken by 30,000 young people around the world, has identified climate change as the most pressing issue facing their generation .

Young people have made it clear that they want to increase collective efforts towards climate action. In response, we’ve partnered with Climate Reality to provide Shapers with the training and tools to better understand climate science and drive environmental change back in their home cities.

Shapers have also launched a Climate Action Steering Group to mobilise young people around the world to #StepUpClimateAction – not only on Earth Day, but every day.

The results have been remarkable and continue to demonstrate that youth movements work. Shapers are working together to launch initiatives to influence the Paris Agreement, limit plastics pollution, promote zero emission transport, support land restoration efforts and build climate change partnerships with local stakeholders to reach critical 2020 milestones.

Get involved

Follow #StepUpClimateAction to follow their efforts worldwide or participate in a climate-related event, meeting or training near you.