29 August 2020

#ShapersSummit20: Day 2 Highlights

We believe that progress happens by bringing together young people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change. In today’s Impact Sessions, we heard powerful testimonials from Global Shapers around the world that are responsibly engaging with their communities to deeply understand local challenges and act as co-designers of hub projects and collaborative solutions.

We discovered new solutions to help fight climate change, safeguard public health, maximize civic engagement, upskill vulnerable groups, and promote diversity, equity, and including in our communities.

Across sessions, we also heard that no issue is isolated – there are always effects and interdependencies, which we systematically and rigorously must take into consideration.

Additionally, we heard that we measure our success not only in terms of immediate results – but we also understand that real progress takes time and sustained commitment. Cori Simmons (Seattle Hub) reminded us that transformational impact can be improving the life of just one person.

In our Meet the Leader session with the United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, Jayathma Wickramanayake, she celebrated that “Young people today are the largest force of change happening now. In this decade of action, our generation must hold leaders, people, and organizations accountable.”

Finally, we saw your moves and artistry in our Community Activities that celebrated our diverse talents. Thank you to everyone who laughed, danced, and performed in this memorable experience.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for Day 3:

Join our skills workshops to test new ideas, skills, and tools to maximize your potential to create change. Topics include:

1) Measuring and Evaluating Impact

2) Scaling Up Your Social Impact

3) Recognizing Unconscious Bias

4) Steps for Starting a New Project

5) Design Thinking to Create Change

6) Advocacy to Achieve the Global Goals

7) Influencing Systems Change

8) Problem-Solving to Overcome Roadblocks

9) Using TopLink to Showcase Your Results

10) Practicing Sustainability into Hub Projects

11) Equity-Driven Campaign Building

12) Combating Systemic Racism

13) Influencing Policy for Climate Action

Most sessions will take place twice tomorrow to accommodate different time zones.

Finally, tomorrow’s community activity will take place at the hub level! We encourage you to unplug and take time to connect with your hub. Meet either in person or via the digital platform of your choice with your hub members. Share your takeaways from the skills workshops and the summit so far, applying lessons learned to your local context.

In one hour, you can try the following activities:

- 05 minutes: Welcome and Context Setting

- 05 minutes: Icebreaker and One-Word Check-in

- 20 minutes: Share Insights and Takeaways

- 20 minutes: Explore Next Steps in Your Hub

- 10 minutes: Closing Reflections

These sessions will take place in 400 hubs in 150 countries worldwide. Share a photo of your hub meeting and be sure to tag @GlobalShapers using the official summit hashtag #ShapersSummit20. We'll share your photos in our summit highlights reel.

Sending you #ShapersLove. See you tomorrow!