25 May 2020

Social Enterprise Institute Launch!

The Global Shapers Community is committed to providing its members with the best resources to achieve their goals and we are delighted to announce our partnership with the Social Enterprise Institute that will help us do just that. Its ground-breaking online programme on how to plan, build and launch a successful social enterprise will provide our community with the practical information, tools and resources they need to either develop an impactful project or take an existing project to the next level.

Global Shapers strive for change. Motivated by a deep need to shift the status-quo, they initiate projects around the globe that benefit their local communities. From teaching women to code in Cape Town to address the skills gap, to encouraging people to commute by bike in Brussels to reduce air pollution and to sending aid to Venezuelan migrants and refugees, Global Shapers are leading the way forward and there is no limit to their creativity and drive.

We are also delighted to invite the Global Shapers to join the Social Shifters Platform, a novel digital space for entrepreneurs to learn with bite-sized expert e-learning and get inspired with ideas and stories from a global network.

We are excited to help our members raise the bar in the way we drive impact around the world.