10 February 2021

The Davos Lab: Building Our Future

The Davos Lab: Building Our Future

Today, we call on all individuals, hubs, and organizations to help drive dialogue, action and change through our newest initiative, The Davos Lab: Building Our Future, which aims to mobilize all interested citizens, stakeholders, and decision-makers to shape ten big youth-driven recovery efforts for the current decade.

Here are four ways YOU can get involved:

1. Register and host a dialogue in your hub, city, or organization by 23 April 2021 on one or more of The Davos Lab’s 10 Pillars. Insights from your dialogue will contribute to the youth-driven recovery plan, including tangible actions to create a better world, which will be launched at the Forum's Special Annual Meeting 2021.

Register your dialogue at wef.ch/gsc-davos-lab-dialogue and access our toolkit for a step-by-step guide to facilitate your local dialogue via wef.ch/gsc-davos-lab-toolkit.

2. Concentrate your dialogue on one or more of the 10 Pillars, including: Inclusive Jobs, Digital Inclusion, Next Generation ESG, Net Zero, Conscious Consumerism, Youth in Politics, Digital Literacy, Public Safety, Public Health, and Mental Health.

Once you've selected one or more of the 10 Pillars, ask the complementary guiding questions in your dialogue to contribute insights to the youth-driven recovery plan. Learn more about the 10 Pillars and complementary guiding questions at wef.ch/gsc-davos-lab.

3. Share your insights with us. Local dialogues create space for all interested citizens to share ideas on the risks, opportunities, partnerships, and pathways required for an inclusive and sustainable youth-driven recovery plan.

Upload the outcomes of your dialogue via wef.ch/gsc-davos-lab-insights.

4. Share The Davos Lab Survey with your networks. Can’t host a dialogue? That's ok, we still need your support. Build momentum with us and help distribute The Davos Lab Survey to capture the views, ideas, and concerns of as many interested citizens, stakeholders, and decision-makers around the world as possible.

Share the survey with your networks via wef.ch/gsc-davos-lab-survey

Your participation and support is appreciated. Email globalshapers@weforum.org to learn more.